Marina Ziolkowski is a French-American artist based out of Los Angeles.

She learned how to tell stories at a young age, observing her parents and grandparents who were screenwriters.

As a teenager, she would skip school and steal her parents' camera to make art-films.
After graduating high school, Marina studied theatre for five years in the best drama schools of PARIS.

Marina has also worked five years in the dubbing industry where she directed actor's voices in LONDON.

In 2013, Marina directed her first short-film "From 7 to 7", which was selected in the Short film corner Cannes Festival 2014. In 2014, her film "Games of Then and Now", was selected by EROIN and shown at the Cinema Elysée Biarritz for le Jour le plus Court festival in PARIS.

marina is involved in multiple projects, including art-films, documentaries, music videos and short-films. Her short film " BUT YOU LOOK SO GOOD" won the audience award at the Champs Elysées festival 2018.